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Timber Systems Limited

Chris Williams is the Vice-President of Timber Systems Limited, heavy timber specialists that have been a leader in the design and fabrication of structural timber assemblies for more than thirty years.

3D MODELLING: "The ability to easily communicate complicated geometry is very helpful.  Many clients have trouble visualizing how multi-member connections come together; but once we provide a Dietrich’s computer generated 3D model, they can better understand their project, and make informed decisions more quickly."

CAPACITY: "Easy export to CNC machinery in other locations means that our own shop capacity is no longer a limitation – any machine anywhere can now be an extension of our shop."

SHARING: "When we work on large projects that rely on precise interactions with other trades, we must have the ability to translate our information accurately across software platforms – with Dietrich’s we can do so with confidence."

Chris Williams, P.Eng., MBA
Timber Systems Limited

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